Student welfare

Good health and well-being are crucial ingredients for a beautiful and effective student life. As a student, you will probably agree with that. In addition, as board member of a student organisation you will also have to deal with the well-being of your members and fellow students. It is of great importance that this can be discussed and that members and students in general always know where to turn for help. Both inside and outside the organisation.

Utrecht University and Hogeschool Utrecht offer various possibilities for help and tips. It is important to be well informed about this, so that you can always point members to this offer when you think it is necessary, but also so that you yourself as a board member can get to work on the theme within your organisation. For instance, by organising an activity for members around the Wellbeing Day of the HU or the Wellbeing Week of the UU, creating a moment to start a conversation with members about their well-being or organising a training course to offer members tools and insights they can use throughout their (student) lives.

Universiteit Utrecht
Click here for all possibilities for coaching and personal development within Utrecht University. As a board member you can also engage a UU trainer to provide a well-being training for your members. Click here for more information. Utrecht University likes to stimulate activities around student welfare that are organised for and by UU students. That’s why a budget has been made available for activities and/or events around student welfare that don’t take place annually and are organized by students of Utrecht University. More information can be found here.

University of Applied Sciences Utrecht
Click here for all facilities, advice and guidance possibilities within the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

Student & Care map
For more information about care in Utrecht, there is the Student&Zorgkaart. It lists various UU and HU initiatives and also shows where in Utrecht you can go for care outside your institution. The map also provides tips for online communities, what there is to do in Utrecht and how you can find voluntary work. It is useful to give the map a place on your own website and to communicate it to the members at relevant times of the year.