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Student wellbeing

Good (mental) health is crucial to a positive and successful student life. It is important to take good care of yourself and be aware of the well-being of those around you. Challenges are part of everyday life and everyone’s personal development, but sometimes it can all be just too much. Your well-being can come under pressure. Recognizable? It is important to know that you can really do something about it. As director of a student organization you will also have to deal with the well-being of your members and fellow students. Talk to each other about it and know where members can go for help and guidance. Both inside and outside the organization.

Tips & Tricks

  • Check out https://students.uu.nl/en/homepage/student-wellbeing-for-student-associations if you would like to organize something in the context of student welfare at your association and would like some support in doing so.
  • Organize an activity in the context of student welfare around the welfare day of the HU or the Wellbeing Week of the UU.
  • Provide good information about the counseling options available to students. For example, you can refer to this on your website, newsletter, instagram, etc.
    • UU: https://students.uu.nl/begeleiding
    • HU: https://husite.nl/hu-helpt/
    • Utrecht: The student&care map provides an overview of various possibilities in Utrecht that can contribute to the well-being of students. You can give this map a prominent place on your association’s website.

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