Grants and sponsorship

Grants and sponsorship

The subsidy regulation contains the formal rules that a recognised student organisation must satisfy in order to qualify for a subsidy from the UU and HU.

The HU and UU have different types of subsidies for student organisations. The policy framework distinguishes between activity grants and basic grants.

Koepel subsidy (activity grants)
Utrecht University and HU are keen to stimulate special initiatives organised for and by students. For this reason, all recognized umbrella organisations receive an umbrella subsidy for activities. This umbrella subsidy can be claimed by all recognised associations belonging to the cluster of the umbrella organisation in question.

HU study societies should contact their own university or the OSHU, UU study societies should contact STUF or their own faculty.

Basic grants
A basic grant is an annual subsidy that a few student organisations receive for basic activities. The basic grants are determined every three years at the same time as the assessment of the administrative grants. In the Distribution of Management Grants and Basic Subsidies 2022-2023 (to be found at Formal Documents) you can read which student organisations can make use of financial support from the educational institutions.

Utrecht University and Utrecht University of Applied Sciences have a sponsorship budget available for individual students, occasional initiatives and student organisations (except for study associations) that want to organise something for Utrecht student life. Click here for more information. Student organisations (including study associations) connected to Utrecht University can also submit a request to STUF, the Utrecht University Fund. Individual students can also apply here. Student organisations affiliated to Utrecht University of Applied Sciences can submit a request to the HUGS.

National Programme for Education (UU)
The Dutch government has allocated funds to Utrecht University to repair corona deficiencies among students. This concerns both academic and social disadvantages. This is called the National Programme for Education (NPO). Do you have a project that can contribute to solving these disadvantages? If so, there are several ways to apply for a subsidy. You can find more information here.

Student welfare (UU)
Utrecht University is keen to stimulate student welfare activities organised for and by UU students. That’s why a budget has been made available for activities and/or events around student welfare that don’t take place annually and are organized by students of Utrecht University. More information can be found here.