Grants and sponsorship

Grants and sponsorship

HU and UU have different types of grants for student organisations. The policy framework makes a distinction between activity grants and basic grants.

Activity grant

Utrecht University and HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht are both keen to encourage exceptional initiatives organised by and for students. To that end, they are prepared to make funds available for recognised student organisations that organise innovative activities for students at HU and/or UU. Part of the funds are available to umbrella organisations.

There are two types of activity grant – small and large. The small version is issued every year to the umbrella organisations; they then allocate it to their own organisations. The large activity grant may be applied for directly to HU and UU. HU study societies should contact their own university or the OSHU, UU study societies should contact VIDIUS, STUF or their own faculty.

Basic grants

A basic grant is an annual grant that some student organisations receive for basic activities. Basic grants are set every three years at the same time the Assessment of compensation for board activities takes place. Organisations that receive basic grants are listed on the Appendix.


The joint UU and HU service desk is no longer available for sponsorship applications. UU student organisations should submit their requests to STUF, the Utrecht University Fund. It is useful to know that individual students may also submit applications to STUF. HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht student organisations should submit their requests to HUGS.

Student welfare

Utrecht University is keen to encourage activities organised by and for its students that are designed to promote student welfare. A budget is therefore available for such activities, provided they are not annual events and are organised by UU students. You can find more information here.