The HU and UU have different types of subsidies for student organisations. The subsidy regulation contains the formal rules that a recognised student organisation must satisfy in order to qualify for a subsidy from the UU and HU.

Basic subsidy
A basic subsidy is an annual subsidy that a few student organisations receive for basic activities.

Umbrella subsidy (activity grants)
The recognized umbrella organisations receive an umbrella subsidy for activities. This can be claimed by all recognised associations belonging to the cluster of the umbrella organisation in question.

HU study societies should contact the OSHU, UU study societies should contact STUF or their own faculty.

Strengthening subsidy
Organisations can apply for a one-off financial contribution per academic year for a resource that strengthens the organisation in a sustainable way.

Student wellbeing subsidy (UU)
Available for activities organised by and for students around student wellbeing.