Other support for organisations

As well as financial support in the form of grants, UU and HU also offer other facilities to student organisations. Below you will find an overview. Bear in mind that some facilities are currently only available in a modified form or not available at all because of the coronavirus crisis.

Help and advice

If you need advice about establishing or re-establishing a student organisation, problems within the board, matters concerning your events, or about something else, then do not hesitate to get in touch and we will try to help!

Social get-togethers

Every year, the UU and HU Executive Boards organise a social get-together for student organisations. The event at HU – known as the ‘Oploop’ – is held in the autumn. Every recognised student organisation is invited, to be introduced to and to get to know the HU Executive Board.

The event at UU is co-organised by the Utrecht University Fund and is held in early June.

Events for board members (Besturendag)

Once a year, the VIDIUS student organisation holds an event, on behalf of the UU and HU Executive Boards, for the board members of student organisations associated with UU or HU. The event is an opportunity for board members to get to know each other and to take part in a range of useful workshops. The event (Besturendag) takes place every autumn. Invitations are sent out by VIDIUS.

Office spaces

Recognised student organisations may use various office spaces free of charge. The largest building is Pnyx; it is part of UU and is home to more than 30 student organisations. Since 1 September 2020, these organisations have been accommodated in a new building on Princetonplein. Recognised organisations may be eligible for a room for their board. They are currently all taken, but please contact Lennart van Wageningen if you would like to join the waiting list. Study societies also use offices in HU and UU buildings.

Meeting rooms

  • Recognised student organisations may use various meeting rooms. On Princetonplein, there are four meeting rooms in the Pnyx that you may use free of charge. Organisations with an office in Pnyx can use these meeting rooms all day, organisations outside Pnyx can use them when the Pnyx porter is present (after 17:00 monday till thursday).
  • Classrooms at the Uithof and the Booth room in the university library may be used for meetings, lectures, and training courses for 25 people or more. The Pnyx porter can reserve these areas free of charge. Recognised student organisations may also book them directly, using the FSC Service Request Form. Mention that your organisation is on the list of recognised student organisations. Bear in mind the opening hours, capacity, and conditions of use that apply to these rooms.
  • Parnassos has two small but pleasant meeting rooms(maximum 12 people) as well as rooms for choir and theatre rehearsals. There is a theatre with 110 seats, which is suitable for general members’ meetings, lectures, presentations, and shows, and a bar that can be rented out for social get-togethers, pub quizzes, or open mics. Parnassos also offers custom workshops. Students and student organisations are entitled to big discounts on the rental and workshop rates. More information is available here.
  • Rooms at Olympos are available for training courses given by sports clubs (climbing instructions, for example). More information is available here.
  • Recognised student organisations may use the Academiegebouw once a year free of charge for constructive activities. More information is available here.


  • The HU and UU student service desk organises several meetings for student organisations throughout the academic year. These meetings concern ongoing issues that board members and societies may have to deal with. This could include such topics as alcohol and drugs, media literacy, or internationalisation. More information can be found on the specific themed pages.
  • Courses and workshops for board members are regularly held via UU Career Services and the Skills Lab. Examples include courses on effective meetings or on how to involve alumni with your society. These training courses or specific subjects can also be provided for your members or your board on request. For more information, please get in touch.


Leadership minor for students involved in board activities

This HU minor is aimed specifically at students who spend at least 20 hours a week on board activities with a student organisation, study society, consultative body, or civil organisation. The minor is an in-depth extension to your board activities, and is worth 30 ECTS.

If you are a student at Utrecht University, check with your Board of Examiners whether you can take this minor and receive credits for it.

Exceptional Extracurricular Achievements Award (UU)

During the opening of each academic year, an award is presented to a UU student or group of students who have excelled in extracurricular and/or social activities. Nominations for the award may be submitted before 1 June to the jury’s secretary, Lennart van Wageningen. More information and the conditions are available here.

Catering arrangements in UU buildings (UU)

Every recognised student organisation may purchase food and drink from a different supplier, subject to certain conditions. Read more here.

Agreements on meeting locations with UU partners

Study societies with their own WBS (= internal UU account number) may, subject to certain conditions, reserve meeting locations at regional partners of UU at a discount. More information about this is on the intranet; you can also ask your faculty contact.

Corporate identity

If you would like to use the UU or HU logo, do not simply use the first one you find on the internet. In many cases, these logos are not correct. For example, the logo of the Utrecht University Fund is often erroneously used instead of the Utrecht University logo. The logos are similar, but they are not the same. They represent two different legal entities!