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Social safety

There is growing attention in society to social safety. There is also an increasing focus on this topic in student organizations. As a board it is important to create a safe environment, where members feel comfortable and treat each other respectfully.

Tips & tricks

  • If something is going on within your organisation in the field of social safety, inform us. The he HU and UU are then already prepared when we are approached with questions and we can support you. For example, we can discuss with you how to tackle a case, or get you in touch with a professional. When a case threatens to receive media attention, we can also get you in touch with one of our spokespersons for advice.
  • Guidelines to good behaviour is intended to help student organizations to become aware of their role within the Utrecht student community where safety and respect for each other play an important role. The handbook can also be used to discuss one’s own mores and traditions within one’s own organization in light of today’s society where, partly due to social media, activities and behaviors of members within student organizations have come under a magnifying glass.
  • We encourage student organizations to appoint a confidential contact person. This person is the first point of contact within the association for anyone who has to deal with undesirable behavior and wants to talk to someone about it. Annually we organize two kinds of meetings for and about vcp’s. All recognized student organizations will be invited to these:
    • Intervision meeting for vcp’s (October and March)
    • Information meeting about vcp’s (October)

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