Compensation for board activities

Compensation for board activities

Utrecht University and HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht have two types of compensation for board activities for student organisations:

(1) Regular compensation for board activities

This compensation for board activities is intended for the standard activities of the student organisations. One month of compensation for board activities amounts to €425**.

Not every student organisation is entitled to compensation for board activities. Once every three years, UU and HU organise an Assessment. This involves looking at which student organisations are to be recognised by the universities, and which organisations are entitled to regular compensation for board activities for the next three years. In the Distribution of Board Grants and Basic Grants 2022-2025 you can read which student organizations can make use of financial support from educational institutions.

(2) Compensation for specific activities

This is compensation for a particular activity that is not part of the recognised organisation’s regular activities or for activities of a new student organisation. This compensation may be applied for by a recognised student organisation, before 1 May each year. The compensation for board activities amounts to €425**. See here for more information.

Would you like more information about compensation for board activities for a consultative body?

The information you are looking for is not on this website. You should instead go the relevant webpage of your university:

** Since the introduction of the student loan system, the level of the compensation for board activities has not been linked to student grants. It has been set at €425 per month with the consent of the relevant consultative bodies in 2015.