Student wellbeing subsidy (UU)

Activities involving student wellbeing

Utrecht University is keen to encourage activities organised by and for students around student wellbeing. A budget is therefore available for such activities, provided they are not annual events and provided they are organised by Utrecht University students. The subsidy is intended for such activities as:

  • A one-off conference about student wellbeing;
  • An activity related to student wellbeing, such as lectures, themed afternoons, meetings, etc.;
  • Activities focused on student wellbeing and which, for example, contribute towards prevention or raising awareness among students;
  • Activities that contribute towards an open and safe culture, where taboos can be discussed, or where role models play a central role;
  • An activity related to the Wellbeing Week, during the week itself for example, or beforehand, to generate awareness of the week;
  • Ideas or activities that help raise the profile of supervision and training courses at UU;
  • The setting up of peer-to-peer initiatives, provided they are not aimed at care/treatment by fellow students.

Application procedure

Use this form to submit your request. Make sure you have the following information at hand before submitting your request:

  • Address and IBAN number
  • Concise plan of the activity, including a description of how the activity or initiative is related to student wellbeing.
  • Budget, including:
  • The amount being requested from Utrecht University
  • The amount your organisation itself is contributing (if applicable);
  • Revenues from other contributions.

Once you have submitted your request, you will receive automatic confirmation of receipt and a copy of the application. You will receive a response to your application within six weeks. If you have questions about your grant application in the meantime, please contact UU staff.