Grants and sponsorship

Basic grants

The basic grant is a grant for fixed organisational costs awarded to organisations or (sub) clusters specifically designated by the Executive Boards, either because they have a certain level of quality, or because they make an important contribution to social life in Utrecht, or because they take over certain tasks from educational institutions, but they have also demonstrated a consistent qualitative continuity through their activities. In the past, a small group of organisations received this basic subsidy. However, it was decided to revise this during the Assessment 2021, as it no longer did justice to the diversity of student organisations.

The basic grant is awarded to student organisations that are recognised by the Executive Board and receive administrative grants. According to the Subsidy Regulation for Student Organisations, the basic grant is awarded for maintaining the student organisation and carrying out its core activities. The amount of the basic grant is based on your share in the total distribution of officer/rep bursaries. This same percentage is used to determine the amount of your basic grant. A basic grant is set for a period of 3 years in order to maintain the student organisation and carry out its core activities.

In September the grant will be paid to the organisation by both Utrecht University and the University. These amounts together make up the subsidy amount. In June, the organization will receive an accountability form from the institution. This form must be sent digitally by 1 August at the latest, together with an annual report on the content and finances, to both the OO&S (HU) and SO&O (UU). If the grant has been spent and this report is submitted on time, you will receive the grant in the following academic year. If this is not the case, there will be consequences for the following years.

An overview of the basic subsidies can be found in the Appendix under ‘Formal Documents’.