Grants and sponsorship

Activity grant

Activity grants are generally intended for special activities that do not take place annually and which are organised by recognised student organisations for UU and/or HU students. However, because of the coronavirus crisis, it is possible to apply for an activity grant during 2021 for additional costs incurred by organisations for standard activities. Examples include the renting of a larger room for choir rehearsals or extra costs for audio-visual support due to an activity being organised online. Both variants are described below.

The formal and general conditions for an activity grant can be found in the policy framework and the grants scheme on this page. Remember that the HU and UU budgets are not limitless and that many student organisations will be seeking to use them. So it’s first come, first served!

The standard activity grant
This grant is intended for:

  • a new or innovative activity, for which the requested sum amounts to no more than 50% of the budget;
  • activities such as a one-off conference, anniversary-related activities, the internationalisation of your student organisation, or the launch of a new student organisation; and
  • activities that are not eligible for support through the small-activity grants of the umbrella organisations (see here).

Standard activity grants are not intended for such activities as:

  • annual tournaments or foreign trips;
  • an Anniversary Day or activities during the Utrecht Introduction Time (UIT); and
  • standard activities (including office expenses, a yearbook, or reimbursement of expenses for board members).

Activity grants are not awarded to study societies. They should contact their own faculty, institute, OSHU (in the case of HU study societies), VIDIUS (in the case of UU study societies), or STUF, the Utrecht University Fund.

The activity grant is a ‘guaranteed grant’. This means that the application must be submitted before the activity takes place. The deadlines for applying for an activity grant are normally 1 January, 1 March, 1 May, 1 July, and 1 October. Because of the coronavirus crisis, these deadlines have been temporarily lifted and you may submit an application at any time, according to the procedure described below.

Application procedure
You can submit requests for a normal activity grant and for a coronavirus-related activity grant using this form (in Dutch). Make sure you have the following information at hand before submitting your request:

  • Address and IBAN number
  • Concise plan of activities
  • Budget, including at least:
  • The amount your organisation itself is contributing
  • The amount being requested from UU and/or HU
  • The contributions by the participants
  • Other grant revenues
  • Sponsorship revenues

Once you have submitted your request, you will receive automatic confirmation of receipt and a copy of your application. You will receive a decision on your request within six weeks. Because of the suspension of the deadlines, the available activity grants may be used up earlier than usual, leaving nothing for organisations at the end of the year (first come, first served). If you have questions about your grant application in the meantime, please contact UU or HU staff. You can also send your final financial statement after the end of the event in question here.

NB: also look under compensation for specific activities. Compensation may also be requested for certain one-off activities (deadline is 1 May).