Grants and sponsorship

Umbrella grant (activity grant)

Utrecht University and Utrecht University of Applied Sciences are keen to encourage special initiatives organised for and by students. That is why all recognised umbrella organisations receive an umbrella subsidy for activities. All recognised associations that belong to the cluster of the relevant umbrella organisation can apply for this umbrella subsidy (Sportraad: cluster sports, BOCS: cluster levenbeschouwelijk cluster, FUG: cluster social, VIDIUS: cluster cultural, international, diversity/inclusiveness, arbeidsmarket, education/societal related).

Study associations cannot make use of activity subsidies. They can apply to their own faculty/institute/training and (in the case of HU study associations) to OSHU and (in the case of UU study associations) to STUF, the Utrecht University Fund.

For which activities is the umbrella grant/activity subsidy intended?
This umbrella grant is to be used for activities organised for the benefit of the HU/UU student community. The grant can be applied for by associations for new or renewed activities that take place on a one-off basis (i.e. no standard or annually recurring activities). The activity should contribute something to the content for the student. Activities that can be qualified as educational, social or cultural are included. The method of assessment and the way of applying is determined by the umbrella organisation. The activities must be subsidised in the form of an activity subsidy. The activity subsidy must be provided in accordance with the Subsidy Regulation for Student Organisations.

NB: also look under compensation for specific activities. Compensation may also be requested for certain one-off activities (deadline is 1 May).