Grants and sponsorship

Other grants

Small activity grants

The SportraadBOCS (philosophical), FUG (social clubs), and VIDIUS (other student organisations) umbrella organisations have each received a grant from UU and HU to be allocated among their member organisations, for new or innovative activities organised for the benefit of the Utrecht student community.

  • Does your student organisation come under one of these umbrella organisations? And:
  • Are you organising a new or innovative activity? And:
  • Is the requested amount no higher than €1000?

Then get in touch with your umbrella organisation to apply for this grant.

STUF, the Utrecht University Fund

Utrecht University student organisations can also apply for a grant from STUF, the Utrecht University Fund, for activities organised for students and alumni. This grant option is separate from the support from Utrecht University and HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht that can be found on this site:

  • The money from the Utrecht University Fund comes from benefactors and alumni, not from the UU and HU Executive Boards.
  • UU study societies can request grants from STUF, but not the grants referred to on our site.
  • Support is subject to other

UU and HU regularly receive requests for funding and financial settlements that are intended for the Utrecht University Fund. Please be aware that these are separate grant providers.

HUGS fund

If you have a creative or fun initiative that promotes the HU community or student involvement, then consider the Community Building and Student Engagement programme. Turn your idea into reality!

For more information about the programme and to submit a request, take a look at the website.

Student Welfare Subsidy (UU)

Utrecht University likes to stimulate activities around student welfare that are organized for and by students. That’s why it makes a budget available for activities and/or events around student welfare that are not annual and are organized by students of Utrecht University. More information can be found here