Grants and sponsorship



Utrecht University and Utrecht University of Applied Sciences have a sponsorship budget available for individual students, occasional initiatives and student organisations (except for study associations) that want to organise something for Utrecht student life. Click here for more information. Student organisations (including study associations) connected to Utrecht University can also submit a request to STUF, the Utrecht University Fund. Individual students can also apply here. Student organisations affiliated to Utrecht University of Applied Sciences can submit a request to the HUGS.

The purpose of sponsorship is to support student initiatives that benefit the Utrecht student community or serve a social, educational, or other important purpose that is compatible with the UU/HU Strategic Plan. It should preferably be focused on a theme, such as internationalisation, sustainability, inclusion or community building. Promoting the UU/HU can also be a reason for sponsorship.

Student organisations may submit a maximum of two applications per calendar year.


Applications must meet at least the following conditions:

  • The minimum amount being applied for should be €100 or support in kind to the value of at least €100
  • The requested amount may not exceed 25% of the total budget
  • The applicant must be a UU/HU student
  • Proof will be required showing that the requested funds are to be largely used for the benefit of UU/HU students and/or to raise the public profile of UU/HU among potential future students
  • Proof will be required showing that the requested funds are to be used for a substantive purpose
  • There has to be something in return, such as:
    • Name/logo must be clearly shown on clothing
    • Name of UU/HU to feature in communication and publicity
    • A report with royalty-free photographs
    • A final financial statement and evaluation (afterwards)

The application should also not be eligible for a regular umbrella subsidy or student welfare grant.

Application procedure

Use this form (in Dutch) to make an application. At the end of every month, the applications received during that month are dealt with. Applicants receive a decision on their requests no later than six weeks after submission.

The information required on the application form includes:

  • The applicant’s details (address, contact information, IBAN number, etc.)
  • A description of the purpose of the sponsorship (activity or objective)
  • A budget including all expenses and revenues
  • The way in which the visibility of UU/HU is promoted