Compensation for board activities

Compensation for specific activities


  • Your student organisation must be recognised by UU and HU.
  • Your student organisation may not be a study or faculty society. Study societies should approach their own degree programme, institute, or faculty board if they wish to apply for compensation for board activities.
  • It should involve a specific activity: possible examples are an anniversary, a non-annual conference, or the launch of a new student organisation.
  • The request should be submitted using the digital application form(in Dutch)
  • The application should be submitted before 1 May in the academic year precedingthe year in which the activity is due to start or take place. For example: if you are organising a large-scale conference in June 2022 and starting your preparations for it in October 2021, then your request should reach us no later than 30 April 2021 (and not 2022).

Application procedure

When completing the digital application form, have the following ready:

  • Concise plan of activities
  • Budget, including at least:
  • The amount your organisation itself is contributing
  • The contributions by the participants
  • Sponsorship revenues
  • Grant revenues

Once you have submitted your request, you will receive automatic confirmation of receipt and a copy of your application. You will receive a decision no later than six weeks after the 1 May deadline. The award will depend on the funds available to HU and UU.

Payment of compensation for specific activities

If your student organisation is informed that compensation is to be awarded for specific activities, this may be requested in exactly the same way as regular compensation for board activities. In brief:

  • The chair will receive an email in August describing the procedure.
  • The chair allocates the compensation for board activities among the board and committee members who meet the requirements of the Compensation for board activities grants scheme.
  • The individual board/committee members then receive an email they can use to submit their individual requests.