Recognition and Assessment

Assessment (Toetsing)

This year’s Assessment is a little different than in other years. Because of the coronavirus, student organisations have not been able to organise the normal (amount of) activities for a long period of time. To meet the needs of student organisations, a so-called ‘Assessment Light’ will be held in 2021. The ‘Assessment Light’ takes the Appendix 2020-2021 (the overview with the distribution of the administrative grants) as a starting point. This means that, in principle, an organisation is not worse off, even if it has fewer (active) members or fewer activities as a result of the coronavirus. However, for all student organisations it will be examined whether they still meet the 75/25% rule (for administrative grants) and the 70/30% rule (for recognition).

Student organisations that, despite the corona crisis, can show that they have grown significantly in the past three years and have organised more activities, will be able to submit a substantiated request for more administrative months than in the current Appendix. New student organisations that have not participated in a Review before can apply for permanent scholarships anyway. They will be fully assessed.

Time Line Assessment 2021
Spring 2021: Mail to organisations with information in preparation for the Assessment
May 2021: All recognised student organisations receive a Toetsing Light questionnaire.
August 2021: Deadline for returning the questionnaire by the student organisations.
February 2022: Finalisation of the results of the Assessment Light. Communication to the student organisations.

The assesment has been completed. The results can be found here.

Questions about the Toetsing can be sent to the special mailbox: toetsing2021@uu.nlĀ