University coronavirus policies

The coronavirus policies of UU and HU are based on the guidelines of the government, the municipal health service, and the Security Region. Our general policies (in relation to study places, for example) can be found on our webpages:

Do I have to submit all my plans to UU and HU?No, this is not necessary. UU and HU do not police the coronavirus measures. You yourselves are responsible for this. However, we do strongly advise you to be very careful with the scope permitted by local authorities and the central government. We are living at a time in which we have to check almost daily what is possible and what society finds acceptable:

  • Observe the guidelines of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. Use the available space, but do not push the boundaries (the loopholes). Remember your social responsibilities.
  • Set a good example. The boards of student organisations also have a role in providing direction and taking corrective action concerning its members/prospective members.
  • Always make sure that activities can be scaled down if necessary.
  • For the time being, do not plan any large-scale or costly activities, such as trips abroad. The risk that you will have to cancel is too great. Any costs you may have incurred cannot be recovered from UU or HU

What is the situation regarding the Assessment of our organisation if we have not been able to organise any activities in recent months, if we cannot meet the 75/25% rule, or if we have not acquired 100 members?
We are aware that life, including for societies, has changed because of the coronavirus crisis. This applies to both the 2019-2020 and at least the 2020-2021 academic years. Because of this we decided to do a ‘Assessment Light’ this year.

How are HU and UU supporting the student organisations?
HU and UU staff are making every effort to support student organisations, by providing advice and information, for example. Do keep them informed about what is happening with your society or organisation and let them know what questions you have. Their answer to you could benefit other organisations as well.

Can we make any claims for financial support?UU and HU are making it possible for student organisations, in 2020-2021 at least, to apply for activity grants for standard activities that entail extra costs because of the coronavirus crisis. Read more here. However, these grants are not intended to make up for lost revenues or cancellation costs. What makes the current crisis difficult is that no one can be certain how long it will last or how serious the damage it will do will be, including to UU and HU. We are therefore advising student organisations to carefully work out what would happen to them if, for example, fewer first-year students were to become members, or if activities did not take place, older students did not rejoin, or sponsorship contracts were not renewed. Also identify the areas where savings could be made.


Where can I find all the information I need?
Our emails are sent to the boards of the recognised student organisations.  If you would like to receive these messages, then please refer to your own board or your assessor.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

General helplines:

  • City of Utrecht coronavirus helpline: 14
  • National Institute for Public Health and the Environment public information number on coronavirus: 0800 – 1351

Disclaimer: we make every effort to keep this site as accurate and as up to date as possible. However, making changes takes a lot of time. In many cases, these changes have to be coordinated with multiple parties. If you have any doubts about the answers to the FAQs or you see something that is not clear, please email us: or