Recognition and Assessment

Overview recognised student organisations

Below is an overview of all the student organisations recognised by HU and UU. The organisations on this list meet all the requirements of the Policy and Assessment Framework and are assured of receiving some form of support. The organisations have been divided into four categories.

A: Student organisations for students at HU and/or UU.

A1: Social clubs

A2: Sports clubs

A3: Art and culture

A4: International organisations

  • AEGEE-Utrecht – student travel association in Utrecht
  • AIESEC– internships abroad
  • BuddyGoDutch– connects international students to a Dutch student buddy
  • ESN-Utrecht– network for helping international students feel at home in Utrecht
  • SIB-Utrecht– student society for international relations

A5: Diversity and inclusion

A6: Job market and work experience

A7: Education and society

A8: Philosophical and spiritual

  • Ichthus– evangelical student society, Utrecht
  • INSAN – islamic student society
  • NSU– navigators student society, Utrecht
  • Sola Scriptura– branch of C.S.F.R.
  • VGSU– Christian student society
  • INSAN – intercultural student society
  • VSA – Vegan Student Association

A9: Umbrella associations

  • BOCS– Federatie Broeder Overleg Christelijke Studenten
  • FUG– Federatie van Utrechtse Gezelligheidsverenigingen
  • KOSMU– Koördinerend Orgaan Studenten Muziekgezelschappen Utrecht
  • OSHU– Overleg Studieverenigingen Hogeschool Utrecht
  • Sportraad– Koepelvereniging Studenten Sport Verenigingen
  • VIDIUS studentenunie– Voor Iedereen Die In Utrecht Studeert

B: UU student organisations that focus entirely or largely on students from a specific field of study or faculty.


Veterinary medicine




  • Earth sciences – A.V.
  • Geosciences – EGEA
  • Global sustainability science – Storm
  • Natural sciences and innovation management – NWSV Helix
  • Human geography – U.G.S.
  • Journal on social spatial planning issues – Agora magazine

Law, economics and governance

Social and behavioural sciences

University College Utrecht

  • CAR – Campus Affairs Representatives
  • Enactus UCU– Social and sustainable enterprise
  • U.C.S.A– The University College Student Association
  • SV Ergo – Descartes College

University College Roosevelt (Middelburg)

  • RASA/Common House Elliott

C: HU student organisations that focus entirely or largely on students from a specific study programme or institute.

D: Student organisations who perform tasks on behalf of UU or HU – aimed at students at HU and/or UU.

If you believe your organisation meets the requirements of the policy framework but is not listed here, see the terms and conditions for recognition and get in touch with your contact at HU or UU.