Catering services in UU buildings

If you meet in a UU building and would like to make use of catering services, then you must use those provided by the university caterer. Exceptions to this rule are possible for a few recognised student organisations.

What agreements are in place?

  • Student organisations that have been allocated one or more rooms in university buildings may have food and drink supplied to the rooms in question by a party other than the university caterer.
  • For activities and events that take place outside an organisation’s own room (but in a UU building), the university caterer must always be asked for a quotation. If no agreement can be reached, the student organisation may decide to buy its food and drink from another party.

This is subject to a number of important rules:

  1. If the activity or event is being held in one of the UU restaurants or catering locations, then you must use the services of the university caterer.
  2. If you use a different caterer, you as the student organisation will be liable for any damage (if the caterer accidentally spills a pan of soup on the carpet, for example) or for recovering the damage from the caterer.
  3. The standard rules relating to events continue to apply.

Alcohol: Since the start of the 2019-2020 academic year, the rules regarding alcohol have been modified so that they apply throughout the university – drinks receptions and events in and around university buildings are non-alcoholic during office hours (until 17.00). This applies to staff, students, and visitors. And apart from the Faculty Club, no drinks containing 15% alcohol or more will be served anywhere. More information and exceptions can be found here.