More info compensation for board activities UU

More info compensation for board activities UU

 On 1 July 2021, UU organised an information meeting on compensation for board activities for prospective student board members. It is important that board members view this presentation, because things regularly go wrong with grant applications. In such cases, the student organisation in question loses money, which would be a shame! Anyone unable to attend on 1 July can view the presentation here. The presentation includes an overview of the most commonly made mistakes.



Part 1. General information (for all board members): the procedure and the general terms and conditions

See part 1 of the PowerPoint in PDF here.

Part 2. The special rules and exceptions

See part 2 of the PowerPoint in PDF here.



View the video of the whole presentation here:



If you would like to learn more about compensation for board activities, or if one of the board members is studying at HU, have a look here:

Still got doubts?

Make no assumptions, presuppose nothing – always ask about the reality! And make sure you do so on time – before you take up your board position.