Rules and regulations

Utrecht has over a 160 student organisations that are recognised by UU and HU. Both institutions believe it is important to support these organisations and the students that are actively involved there. However: not every organisation with students in Utrecht is recognized as a student organisation by the UU and HU. In order to be elegible for support (thus recognized), student organisations and students need to meet certain criteria. These criteria are formalized in a special policy framework for student organisations and in related regulations, all of which you can find here.

Policy Framework

The Policy and Assessment Framework for Student Organisations 2019 (Beleidskader Studentenorganisaties) contains the criteria for recognition by UU and HU. These are the general terms:

  • the organisation is focused on the student community of UU/HU.
  • the organisation organises activities for (primarily) UU/HU students.
  • at least 75% of the members of the organisation study at UU or HU (a PhD is not regarded as studying).

If your organisation does not meet these criteria and other criteria that are mentioned in the Policy Framework, you can not count on (financial) support.

Compensation on board activities (bestuursbeurzen)

Student organisations that are recognised by UU and HU may be elegible to receive compensation on board activities for their active board or committee members. This compensation or grant is called a “Bestuursbeurs” or “Bestuursmaand”. The ‘Compensation for board activities grants scheme (bestuursbeurzenregeling) will give you more information about the procedure to apply for this compensation as an organisation and what criteria you have to meet as an individual to be elegible to receive this grant. It is important to check these criteria beforehand.

  • Board activities without paying tuition fees. Full time board members who study at UU or HU and receive the maximum ‘Bestuursbeurs’ (4250 euros) may apply for compensation for board activities without being registered as a student. Please contact us for more information.
  • Postponing your graduation (only for UU students). Students at Utrecht University that can graduate just before or during the summer, but want to receive compensation for board activities (bestuursbeurs) in the next academic year, can ask for a postponement of graduation. This way, you can still receive compensation for board activities (if you meet all the other critieria as well). Please contact us for more information.


Financial support for student organisations

The ‘Student organisation grant scheme’ contains the criteria for recognized student organisations that want to be elegible for financial support from UU and HU. More information can be found on the page on activity grants.

Student prize (only UU)

Each year, during the Opening ceremony of the Academic Year, Utrecht University’s Executive Board awards a prize to a student or group of students that has/have excelled in extracurricular and/or social activities. Do you want to learn more about this price, of do you want to nominate someone? Check the UU website for more information. NB: the deadline is June 1 every year.


Do you have questions after reading this page? Don’t hesitate to contact us.