Compensation for board activities

Utrecht University and HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht can offer students financial compensation when they join a board or a committee of a student organisation. This compensation (or grant) is called a ‘Bestuursbeurs’.

There are two kinds of compensation for student organisations:

Regular compensation for board activities: These grants are allocated to student organisations for a period of three years. Every three years student organizations that are acknowledged by the UU and HU and are able to show sufficient continuity, can join the so called Toetsing (Testing) and can find out whether they are eligible for these bestuursbeurzen. Student organisations can devide these grants among their active members.

Do you want to know whether your organisation and you can count on this compensation? First check the ‘Bijlage 2019-2020‘ (in Dutch) to see if your organisation was awarded bestuursmaanden at the last Toetsing. Then ask your Chairman if your position is one that is paid with a compensation for board activities.

Compensation for organising specific activities: Once a year you can apply for compensation for organising specific activities that will take place in the next academic year. The compensation for specific activities has to meet certain requirements. The deadline is May 1st. Please contact us when you need more information.

If you are active in a university administrative or advisory body, you can find more information on the website of UU and HU: