Activity grant

General information

Activity grant is meant for special initiatives from student organisations, recognised by UU and HU. Study associations are not able to apply for this grant, they can contact their faculty, Vidius or (in case of Study associations from UU) the University Fund.

Activity grant is meant for:

  • a once only conference
  • lustrum activities
  • the establishment of a new student organisation

Activity grant is not meant for:

  • an annual tournament or trip
  • activities during the introduction week
  • basic activities, like a year-book, office costs, compensation for expenses of board members

You can read all criteria in this document.

Small activity grants

Umbrella organisations like Sportraad, BOCS, FUG and Vidius have received an amount of money from UU and HU to distribute to the organisations they represent. These student organisations can use this money to organise specific, new and innovative activities for the student community in Utrecht.

  • Is your student organisation a member of one of these umbrella organisations?
  • Is your student organisation organising a innovative activity?
  • Is the requested amount less then €1000?

Then contact your umbrella organisation to apply for an activity grant

Large activitiy grants

  • Is your organisation not part of one of the umbrella organisations?
  • Or do you request a grant of at least €1000 for your activity?
  • Is your organiation not a study society?

Then you can apply for a activity grant with UU and HU. There are five deadlines a year: October 1st, January 1st, March 1st, May 1st and July 1st.

Application procedure

Complete the online application form, make sure you have the following information ready:

  • address information and IBAN
  • Summarised activities programma

Budget details:

  • The amount contributed by the organisation
  • The amount applied for to UU and HU
  • The amount contributed by members
  • The income from grants awarded by other parties
  • The income from sponsoring

Only complete applications will be processed. The decision regarding your request will be sent to you within six weeks after the deadline date.

Do you have questions about your request? Please contact UU or HU.

Other grant possibilities

Student organisations linked to Utrecht University can also apply for funding through the Utrecht University Fund (in Dutch). For both activities for students or alumni. Study associations linked to UU can apply to this fund as well.