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National Education Programme (Nationaal Programma Onderwijs, UU)

National Education Programme (Nationaal Programma Onderwijs, UU)

Utrecht University has received extra funds from the Dutch government to repair corona deficits among students. This concerns both academic and social disadvantages. This is called the National Education Programme (NPO).

Extra subsidy

Similar to 2021-2022, all recognised UU student organisations can apply for a contribution from the NPO budget in 2022-2023 for activities on behalf of their members. The conditions of the application have changed, however. This time, only requests that effectively and convincingly contribute to the welfare of students are eligible.

  • Student organisations with less than 100 members can receive a maximum of 250 euros. Student organisations with more than 100 members, can receive a maximum of 500 euros.
  • Your request should concern an activity with a clear link to welfare, for example a lecture, training, clinic, informative gadgets, etc. Subjects can include vulnerable groups (refugees, internationals), social safety, drugs, alcohol, psychological or physical wellbeing, inclusiveness and diversity, equality, personal development (self-confidence, dealing with failure, etc.), confidential counsellors, etc.
  • In principle, you cannot apply for subsidies for (international) study trips, standard activities (activities that recur regularly), or community activities.

Apply for your subsidy through this link

Justification 2021-2022

Did you also apply for a subsidy from the National Programme for Education last year? Then you will only be eligible for the new amount if you have submitted a justification for your previous activity. Send a short report (1-2 paragraphs) and one or two nice royalty-free photos of your activity to . We want to use this to inspire and inform other students and organisations.

Forgot about 2021-2022?

Did you not apply for a subsidy from the National Education Programme last year? Then it is no longer possible to make use of the offer that applied at the time. You can, however, make use of the new offer.


Click here for more information about the National Education Programme in relation to student organisations.