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National Education Programme (Nationaal Programma Onderwijs, UU)

National Education Programme (Nationaal Programma Onderwijs, UU)

Utrecht University has received extra funds from the Dutch government to repair corona deficits among students. This concerns both academic and social disadvantages. This is called the National Education Programme (NPO).

Extra subsidy

All recognised UU student organisations will receive an extra subsidy from this programme to spend on activities that contribute to the recovery of these arrears:

  • Organisations with up to 100 members will receive 500 euros.
  • Organisations with 100 or more members receive 1000 euros.

What do you have to do?

  1. Fill in this form and indicate which activity you will organise with the fund. The payment will take place as soon as possible (i.e. within a few weeks) after the application.
  2. Send a short report (1-2 paragraphs) and one or two nice royalty-free photos of your activity to no more than 2 months after the activity. We want to use this to inspire and inform other students (organisations).

What are suitable activities?

The two themes of the UU NPO team are (1) The smooth transition of (future) students, and (2) Student Community & Student Welfare.

The idea is that the money will be used to help as many students as possible from your student organisation and beyond: so not only the students that frequently attend your activities, but also the students who may be at home alone or have stayed with their parents because of corona. Or the international student who may not be a member of your student organisation, but does study at the UU and has hardly met anyone because of corona.

TIP: From 19 to 21 April, the UU (with NPO funding) is organising a festival full of activities that are all about meeting people. A kind of second introduction period, especially for those students who have experienced their introduction period in the pandemic. You can use the money to give your student organisations and your members extra attention.

Examples of such activities are:

  • Speed dating activities with senior students, internationals, teachers, other students, or alumni;
  • Useful goodie bags (focused on student welfare, bonding and meeting) with f.e. the UU and HU information on student welfare (ask us for more info: we are arranging gadgets and flyers for the bags)
  • Walks or tours of UU buildings, with stops (hot chocolate, sports clinic, mini-college)
  • Joint study sessions;
  • Insight meetings: a meeting at which fellow students, lecturers or alumni, for example, talk about wrong choices or mistakes and what they have learned from them;
  • Cycle tours along historical sites in and around Academic Utrecht, or a treasure hunt with questions about the university and Utrecht student life.
  • Creative workshops or hiring trainers and coaches for all kinds of sessions (such as study skills, working together);
  • Etc. etc.

Activities with the emphasis on party and/or alcohol (such as a cantus) or for a small target group do not match the NPO criteria. The money is also not meant to compensate for cancellation costs or to close a budget gap of a standard activity. And, of course, corona measures must always be taken into account.


What is already happening? What is the NPO Project Team already working on?

  • There will be a training course on Confidential Advisors for student organisations.
  • There is an online coaching centre
  • Extra study choice interviews are available
  • Living rooms have been or will be set up (e.g. in Parnassos) where you can meet each other.
  • Extra student counsellors and psychologists are being hired.
  • And there is much more to come soon! Keep an eye on your e-mail.

Would you like to actively think about the NPO programme? Would you like to take part in brainstorming sessions? Do you have another brilliant idea for the NPO team? Do you need more funding? Check our other page for more information or contact