Formal documents

This page has an overview of the most important documents for UU and HU student organisations.

Policy and Assessment Framework 
The Policy and Assessment Framework for Student Organisations contains the basic criteria on which HU and UU jointly assess whether student organisations (and their activities) are eligible for support. More information about recognition and assessment can be found here.

Distribution of board grants and basic grants 2022-2023
In the Distribution of Board Grants and Basic Grants 2022-2023 you can read which student organizations can make use of financial support from educational institutions.

Compensation for board activities grants scheme
In Compensation for board activities grants scheme you will find information about the procedure for applying for board grants and what conditions you must meet in order to be eligible for a grant. More information about board grants, such as board tuition-free or postponing graduation, can be found here.

If you are involved with a consultative body, such as the University Council, Hogeschool council, programme committee, or faculty council, then you are covered by a different compensation for board activities grants scheme. You can find it on the programme page of your university:

Grants scheme
The grants scheme contains the formal rules that a recognized student organization must comply with in order to be eligible for subsidy from the UU and HU. More information about grants and the application procedure can be found here.

Guidelines to good begaviour by student organisations (Handreiking Omgangsvormen Studentenorganisaties)
Guidelines to good behaviour is intended to help make student organisations aware of their role in the Utrecht student community, where safety and respect for one another play an important role. The guideline can also be used within individual organisations to stimulate a discussion of their own cultures and traditions in the context of present-day society, in which the activities and conduct of members of student organisations are increasingly being highlighted on social media and elsewhere.

Boards of student organisations are asked to familiarise their members with the content of the guideline.

  • Do you need advice, or has there been an incident in your student organisation?
  • Would you like to sign the guideline to demonstrate that you will carry out your board activities in accordance with the code this year?

Then please get in touch with your contact at your university. Study associations can contact their own director. They may be subject to additional articles or agreements imposed by their faculty.