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National Education Programme and student organisations

National Education Programme and student organisations

The Dutch government has allocated funds to educational institutions to repair corona deficiencies among students. These are academic and social disadvantages. This is called the National Programme for Education (NPO). At Utrecht University, it is the explicit intention to actively involve (students and) student organizations in spending this money.

Tips & Tricks

  • During the year there are several brainstorm sessions with students. Keep an eye on your mail and the UU social media to know when the next session is.
  • Do you have a great idea that we can use to help as many students as possible? Then send this idea in via this link. Mailboxes have also been placed in several UU buildings where you can send in your idea using a QR code.
  • The NPO team tries to join various existing consultations as much as possible, such as the consultations of the umbrella organisations with the educational institutions, and the meetings of the assessors. Would you like to invite us to your own umbrella consultation? If so, please contact us.
  • All recognised UU student organisations can apply for a grant in 2022-2023 for the current academic year to spend on activities that help improve student wellbeing. Read more about this grant opportunity here. Will you be organising more activities? Then submit a request via the UU website. Then submit a request through the UU website.
  • During the week of 17 April 2023, UU organizes the This is UU week, as it did last year. This is an event where we reintroduce all students (international, master, bachelor, exchange student etc.) of Utrecht University to all the great things that student life in Utrecht has to offer: sports, culture, academia etc. All student organisations are invited to organise activities during this week. You can apply for a subsidy for this too!

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