Compensation for board activities

Special rules and facilities (UU)

The information below applies only if you otherwise meet the general conditions. You should therefore read these general conditions first. More information on this can be found here. You can also read the application procedure here, as well as other essential information. 

Special rules and facilities

UU has a number of special facilities for students seeking to apply for compensation for board activities. These include a tuition free board year, flexible study, and graduation postponement.


1.    Tuition free board year

Tuition free board years are a special facility. It is an exception made by UU to the standard Compensation for board activities grants scheme. Only students who receive a grant of €4250 may use this special facility. There are two variants:

  • OLD style: you are not enrolled at UU.
  • NEW style: you are enrolled at UU, but do not pay tuition fees.

Enlarge the image below and read more information about the tuition free board year here. You should be aware that there are downsides to this special facility as well.

2.    Graduation postponement

Graduation postponement is another special facility offered by UU. If you are in a position to graduate, but you would like to postpone it in order to receive compensation for board activities, you can request the board of examiners of your degree programme to postpone your graduation due to your board position for which you will be receiving compensation for board activities of at least €425. But please note:

  • Check carefully whether you continue to fulfil Article 4 paragraph 1 sub c of the Compensation for board activities grants scheme if you are enrolled in your Bachelor’s or Master’s programme for one more year.
  • You may graduate in your board year, but you must remain enrolled for the remainder of that year and pay your tuition fees in order to retain the grant.

There is one exception to this – if you are doing a tuition free board year you may NOT graduate during the year in question. So that includes 31 August 2022. What can you do?

  • You must apply for graduation postponement up to and including September 2022;
  • You may only formally graduate in September 2022. This may cause problems with your enrolment in a Master’s programme from 1 September 2022! Ask your Master’s programme admissions committee whether or not this is permitted.
  • Moreover, to be able to graduate from your Bachelor’s programme, you must re-enrol in your Bachelor’s programme in 2022-2023 and pay tuition fees up to and including the month in which you actually graduate. As soon as you have graduated, you may terminate you enrolment in the programme in question.
  • Have you postponed your Master’s graduation? In that case, you will have to enrol again in September 2022, pay tuition fees again (yourself), and only then be able to graduate.
  • More information about graduation postponement can be found on the UU website.

3.    Flexible study

Flexible study makes it possible to take fewer subjects in an academic year and to pay only for those subjects (plus a 15% surcharge for administration costs). Following a pilot involving five degree programmes in 2019-2020, flexible study is now possible with more (mostly Master’s) programmes. To find out which degree programmes include flexible study options and how it actually works, look here for the Bachelor’s programmes and here for the Master’s programmes.